Video Transfers to DVD
Do I get my tapes back ?  
YES, We send them with your new DVDs.
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What do I have to do ?  
Just sending us your tapes is enough but if you label each tape with what it is we will
include the information on each DVD and on the cover of the Library Case.
We sometimes left the camera on accidentally, can you delete those sections ?     
Yes, it actually happens often. Because we load all video to the editor in our
computers we are able to quickly scan the movies. We can usually catch and delete
problem sections that last more than 1 minute or so.
Can you do real editing of the movies ?
Yes, we have full editing capability. The trick is for us to get clear on what you want
done. Call us and we can work out an approach. Most likely we will use time codes
but there are other methods. We want this to be as easy as possible for you.
Will my DVDs be copy-protected ?  
NO, this is your material.
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