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2969 Route 23 South,  Newfoundland,  New Jersey   07435

Telephone:  (973) 208-1143
Camera Rental Steps  
***  Choose the number of cameras you would like.
- We suggest one(1) camera per table (approx one for every 12 guests) plus one or two to trusted friends.
***  Reserve the cameras for the date of your event with a $50 deposit.
- Reserve as early as you can to assure availability.
***  Pick-up your cameras up to two(2) days before your event.
- Your equipment is packed in a convenient carrying case(s). We include spare batteries.
***  Have fun ! Your guests can take over 100 pictures with each camera.            
- Our cameras are EASY to use and tagged with instructions.
***  Return your cameras within two(2) days of your event date.  
- The quicker we get them the qucker we can process your photos.

***  We send you a DVD with JPEGs of your photos.              
- You view JPEGS on your computer and use them to have prints made inexpensively.
***  We will load your photos to a photo Website for sharing.
- We will create your account with Shutterfly when you pick-up the cameras.
- Or, we can load the photos to a Photo Website to which you already belong.
***  We create a DVD Slideshow with your favorite photos and music.
- You send us a list of your favorite photos - up to 20 x the number of cameras rented.
for example, if you rent 5 cameras you can select 5 x 20 = 100 photos.
- We can also scan old photos -or- photos taken by friends with their camera (
click to see FAQ).
- Your Slideshow  is packaged in a DVD Library Case with your favorite photo on the cover.
(There are additional charges for Chaptering and special sequences)
- Digital Cameras
3 - 5  Cameras   $25.00  each
6 - 9  Cameras   $22.50  each
10 +  Cameras   $20.00  each
- Insurance
$5  per Camera
click to see FAQ
***  5 - 9 copies deduct 10% / 10 or more deduct 20%  ***
Additional Copies of DVDs  (JPEG DVDs $7 / DVD Slideshows $11)
The $5.00 per camera insurance charge covers damage that effects our ability to rent a camera.
Unfortunately, if the camera is lost or stolen, it will be necessary to charge you for the loss.
Click Here for Frequently Asked Questions
HOURS:  Monday-Friday 9:00 am - 5:00 pm / Saturdays 1:00 pm - 5:00 pm
"The Quality and Convenient alternative to Plastic Disposable"
Why Digital Camera Rental instead of Plastic Disposable ?
*   Higher Quality
You get Canon cameras.
*   More pictures
100+ pictures per camera increases the chances of getting that great shot.
*   Easier
We deal with all the technology. You just capture the special moments.
*   Cost Effective
Consider cost/photo (after developing costs) with those 24 shot plastic cameras.
Plus you get a DVD Slideshow and we put it on the Internet !