8mm / Super8 & 16mm Film Transfers to DVD
Silent 8mm & 16mm Film  
(As Low as $ 0.15 per foot)
[price based on volume - please see below]
          Plus $1 per reel handling charge
***  Your film is cleaned by an anti-static, conditioning fluid.
***  Frame by frame capture of your movie
..........Each frame individually digitized & passed to our computers.
do not just video the film as projected onto a screen.
***  Light Editing Clean-up
..........Leaders, Trailers and "Noise" from each reel is removed.
..........We remove long, un-viewable portions more than 5 seconds.
***  We create a Chapter for each reel.
***  Opening menus list each chapter
(Reel #1, Reel #2 etc...).
***  DVD is burned and labeled with your title.
***  DVD is packaged in a Library Case with your title.
Not sure of your films Content or Condition ?
We will hold the results of your Basic Transfer for 3 months so you can
review your movies and develop enhancement instructions to create your final
DVD - including re-sequencing the reels.
Sound 8mm & 16mm Film   
(As Low as 0.25 per foot)
[price based on volume - please see below]
        Plus $1 per reel handling charge
***    We do everything listed above plus:
***   We run your film a 2nd time to capture the sound.
***   We synchronize the image and sound in our computers.
Detail Editing Clean-up   ($ 0.08 per foot)
***  We separate your movie into each shot (created each time the camera was turned on).
***  "Bright Frames" (The flashes we see when projecting film) are removed.
***  "Fragments" (shots lasting less than one second) are slowed or removed.
***  Splices are removed.
***  We remove problem portions (terminally faded, out-of-focus or over/under exposed).
Photo on DVD Case    ($7.00)
***  We will scan a photo and include it on the cover of your DVD Case.
Descriptive Titles    ($1.50 per reel)
***  We will create a descriptive title to introduce each reel.
***  An abbreviated description for each reel (Chapter) is included in the DVD menu.
***  Descriptions & Abbreviations are provided by customer.
Music   Ask about adding music to your Movies.
Copies   $10.00/DVD ($11 with Photo on DVD Case)
***  5 - 9 copies deduct 10% / 10 or more deduct 20%  ***
Film F.A.Q
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Stuart Baker
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Volume Discounts
50        -   2450 feet   ->     $0.21 per foot         $0.31 per foot
2500    -   4950 feet   ->     $0.19 per foot         $0.29 per foot
5000    -   9999 feet   ->     $0.17 per foot         $0.27 per foot
10000 or more feet   ->     $0.15 per foot         $0.25 per foot
 Plus $1 per reel handling charge
Silent Film            Sound Film
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