Film Transfers to DVD
How many feet do I have ?  
Measure the diameter of the film on each reel then check the table below.
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What if the film breaks ?  
We splice it back together.
How many feet can you get onto one DVD ?   
Approximately 1600 for regular 8mm film, a few more for Super8 & a few more for 16mm.
Of course it also depends on the speed used when the film was taken. Also, We
clean-up each reel after it is transferred to our computers so it will be a little different for
each customer depending on how many problem sections you have.
I don't know exactly what is on these reels.
We will assign a sequence number to each reel which we will include on the DVD. We
will hold the results of your transfer on one of our computers. After you watch the DVD
we can edit your material. We can re-sequence the reels, add descritpive titles etc... Or,
you may be happy with what you have and we will be done.
Will my DVDs be copy-protected ?  
NO, this is your material.
Reel Diameter  Amount     
3 inches            50 ft
4 inches          100 ft
5 inches           200 ft
6 inches           300 ft
7 inches           400 ft
How do I prepare?
you can tape a note to each with the description. We can introduce each reel with the
description and inlcude part of it on the DVD menu. There is small additional charge
Do I get my film back ?
YES, We send it back with your new DVDs.
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