Audio Transfer to CD
Audio Cassettes, Vinly Albums, Reel-to-Reel Tapes.
Basic Transfer - What you get
***  Audio CDs can hold a maximum of 80 minutes.
***  Your recording is digitized and loaded to one of our computers.
***  Each side of the recording is a separate, continuous track on the final CD.
***  Sound Cleansing. We process the soundtrack to remove hiss, pops, rumble, buzz etc...
***  Your recording is burned to an audio CD and labeled with your title.
***  Your CD is packaged in a Jewel Case.
Track Separation    $1.50 per Track
***  Each distinct track is separated so you can "jump" directly to it on your CD Player.
Silences of more than 2 seconds are used to identify the start of a track.
Track Names    $15.00 for each CD
***  We list the track names on the back of the Jewel case.
If names are not listed on the recording they must be provided by the customer.
Cover Art    $15.00 per recording
***  We will scan the album/Cassette (Front/Back) and include it in the CD Jewel Case.
We can also scan an image you provide instead of cover art.
Copies   $10.00/CD ($11 with Jewel Case Insert)
***  5 - 9 copies deduct 10% / 10 or more deduct 20%  ***
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Audio Cassettes
Vinyl Records
$21 per Cassette
$21.00 per 33 rpm LP record
$16.00 per 78 rpm record
$12.00 per 45 rpm record
Reel-to-Reel Tapes
$25.00 for the first 80 min of one reel.
Enduring Memories
Video, Film, Photo and Audio
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$15.00 for each additional 80 min or part from that same reel.